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Wellbeing First Counselling

Milena Georgieva
Integrative Counsellor and Coach 
(BSc Psychology, PGDip Integrative Counselling and Coaching)

What is therapy/counselling and why would I need it:

Therapy is a conversation between a therapist and a client with the focus of helping the client improve their wellbeing and achieve their therapeutic goals (whatever they may be). This process is guided and facilitated by the knowledge and skills of the therapist.

What I can offer in our therapy sessions:

  • Space for you to explore matters in depth with curiosity and free of judgement

  • Assist you in exploring and dealing with difficult emotions and internal conflicts such as shame, self-loathing, trauma responses

  • Facilitate and help you to achieve tangible changes in your life, such as improving low mood, overcoming relationship challenges, changing your responses to your environment (panic attacks, phobias, social anxiety)

  • Provide support and direction with my knowledge and toolkit when you feel stuck or need more structure in our sessions

  • Online and in-person therapy options (in-person therapy in Oxford)

Starting therapy can feel daunting, so in our first session together, we will make sure to explore any worries, reservations or questions you may have about therapy and what you are hoping to gain out of it. It is also an opportunity for us to ensure that we are the right fit and go forward with confidence.


Book your initial therapy session now or inquire about availability: 

Problems I work with

•depression & low mood

•low confidence & worth
•feeling lonely & disconnected

•attachment issues

•relationship issues (dissatisfaction, lack of intimacy, affairs, separation)


•social skills deficits

•personal development

•stress management

•trauma & early life adverse events

•generalised anxiety

•social anxiety

•behavioural addictions

•life transitions

•issues establishing & maintaining friendships


Find out more about how I work and if this is right for you: 

Is therapy right for me?

I believe that the two key ingredients to a happy and meaningful life are good self-awareness and the ability to enact tangible change. My role as your therapist will be to assist you in improving these two skills.

I do this in two ways - firstly, by helping you explore and make sense of matters important to you - and how your motivations, thoughts, feelings, past experiences and habits relate to these; secondly, by guiding you through decision-making and problem-solving processes so that you can achieve the changes that you want to see in your life - whether that's improving your confidence, mood or relationships, changing your habits, or simply accepting a part of yourself.

I am able to offer my knowledge and skillset to assist you whenever you feel stuck, overwhelmed or simply if you want a bit more direction in our sessions. We work at your own pace and we negotiate with you in advance and on an ongoing basis the goals and structure of the therapy sessions. 


Find out more about the process:


Contact information

Address: 54 Great Close Road
Yarnton, Oxford, Oxfordshire

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8-minute drive from North Oxford. **Access via public transport from central Oxford: Magdalen Street, Stop C4, bus S3. The bus stops at Great Close Road in Yarnton. The bus stop is a 2 minute walk from the clinic. Check the timetable here

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