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About me

I struggled with mental health and chronic health issues throughout my childhood and early adult life. This meant facing many challenges and trying to figure out solutions, whilst managing an array of conflicting emotions, thoughts, and motivations, often accompanied by low mood, anxiety, and panic attacks. Having gone through the process both alone and with the help of professionals, I understand the value the therapeutic space can bring to someone on their journey to improving their life & mental health, themselves, and their relationships. I feel passionately about helping my clients, as I know the life-changing impact that therapy can have.


I am a BACP registered counsellor. My academic background is in psychology and natural sciences, so I have a good theoretical and empirical understanding of mental health issues. In practice this means that I have the tool kit and mindset to consult with evidence-based techniques and published scientific literature when dealing with complex or chronic problems, when clients want more structure in the sessions or simply if the client is at a loss and feels stuck. Lived experience has helped me appreciate how unique each client's story is - and so I listen carefully to your story and tailor my approach according to your needs and specific circumstances. 


  • Postgraduate Diploma in Integrative Counselling and Coaching (PGDip) at University of East London (2020-2022) (BACP accredited) 

  • Certificate Cognitive Behavioural Therapy introductory course certificate (2020) SDS Seminars (BACP accredited)

  • Bachelor of Science with Honours Psychology (BSc) at Oxford Brookes university (2014-2018) (BPS accredited) 

  • Certificate Introduction to Psychopathology at Oxford University (2017)

  • ​BACP registered counsellor

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